Posted by: Jay Que | April 18, 2012

Life in London

31 years since my speculated birth I arrived in London. I have no idea where I am coming from but rumour has it that I might be from another solar system.

So how does London rate for daily life?

1. Weather

Weird, one moment it is pissing down with rain and the next moment it is sunshine? All and all I don’t mind the weather.

2. Transport

It is amazing that you can go anywhere without a car. Friends coming over via a  boat. Can almost guarantee your travel time (except for today with signal failure on the DLR). Can take a bus to ASDA or TESCO. Really spoiled.

3. Training

Running at sea level is amazing, coming from 1600m above sea level to 1m above sea level really makes it easier. The cold does not make it any harder.

4. The people

The people in general are kind and friendly. The tourists are a little annoying. The kids are spoilt brats (I would seriously give them a lot of hidings if I were the parents). There are so many different cultures and languages.

5. The City

Really amazing. So much to see and so much to do. I love it. You can walk around for hours and just see more and more things. The architecture is really good and the buildings are well maintained. The modern buildings blend in with the old buildings and vice versa. Proud to be here.


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